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Welcome to Thirty3 Options, your premier partner in navigating the dynamic landscape of FinTech in emerging African markets. With our blend of financial acumen and technological expertise, we deliver tailored strategies to drive sustainable growth. Let's unlock your potential together.

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Thirty3 Options is a premier management consulting firm specializing in strategic guidance for FinTech companies in emerging African markets. With expertise in finance and technology, we offer tailored solutions for startups and established players, covering areas such as market entry, product development, regulatory compliance, and risk management. Our approach is distinguished by tangible results, achieved through collaborative partnerships and a deep understanding of local market dynamics and regulatory landscapes.

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Our Product and service offering

Market entry strategy

We facilitate the market expansion of fintech companies by providing comprehensive support in market entry. Our services encompass market research, market segmentation, and expert guidance on legal and compliance matters, ensuring a smooth and calculated entry into new markets, maximising your chances of success.

Product Launch

We empower fintech companies by offering a holistic suite of services, including product roadmap development, product-market fit analysis, MVP identification, tech and development support, partnership identification, and proficient project management. We provide the essential tools and expertise to bring your product to market efficiently, and with confidence.

Expansion strategy

We empower established fintech companies to broaden their horizons through tailored expansion strategies, capitalising on our extensive industry relationships and local expertise. We develop and execute strategies that realise emerging opportunities and drive sustainable growth.

Market operations

We orchestrate the complete setup necessary for a company and its products to thrive in a new market. This encompasses the identification and implementation of processes, robust product support, the establishment of exceptional customer experiences, the acquisition of top-tier talent and strategic marketing initiatives. With our comprehensive approach, we ensure that your operations are optimised for success in any market.


We offer software development as a service by leveraging our team of experienced developers to build custom software solutions tailored to your specific requirements and business objectives. From concept to implementation, we deliver high-quality, scalable software solutions that drive innovation and growth for your company.

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